What the Heck is Beef Bacon?

This week Brandon came home with goodies from Elk River Meats…homemade string cheese, some meat sticks, and beef bacon. I had never really heard of beef bacon until he brought it home. Some quick internet research helped me to learn that it is leaner than pork bacon, typically cured in the same way as pork bacon, and from the same part of the animal.

So why beef bacon? I don’t know, but it was sitting in my fridge so I had to try it out. What I found is that beef bacon isn’t as flavorful as pork bacon. I actually ended up adding a tiny bit of salt and pepper to it before cooking. The beef bacon crisped up nicely under a broiler. In a frying pan it tended to stick a bit because it does not render as much fat as pork bacon. Overall, Brandon and I both liked the beef bacon and would probably buy it again. I didn’t end up doing anything too crazy with it. We had Gluten Free Beef Bacon BLTs and Gluten Free BLT Pizza. Links to both recipes are below.



Click the links above to see how I made these meals.



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