Gluten Free Cupcakes for Baby Amy’s Birthday Party

This little angel is Amy. (She doesn’t know how to take selfies yet…you can tell by the mesmerized face staring into my camera.)


Amy is the daughter of my cousin and friend, Rachel. I call her baby Amy, because Amy is also her grandma. Rachel’s mom, Amy, was a beautiful, spirited, and loving woman. She was one of my mom’s best friends, and like another parent to me. Amy was taken away from us quite suddenly, nearly 12 years ago. When Rachel and her husband had their first girl, they named her after Rachel’s mom.

Here’s Amy on her wedding day. That smile is what I think of, and miss the most.


Baby Amy is also gluten free. Rachel asked me to make some gluten free goodies for Baby Amy’s birthday party so that she could enjoy cake, just like any other 2 year old.

Of course, I was honored and nervous to do this! With some delicious cake mixes from Beyond the Grain Gluten Free, some Pinterest frosting recipes, and a night full of baking, I was able to make some treats for the party.

The main cake was a gluten free chocolate mix from Beyond the Grain, frosted with a hot pink vanilla buttercream.


I also made some gluten free vanilla and chocolate mini cupcakes. I frosted them with a Nutella buttercream.



I packaged everything up with bakery boxes that I purchased at my local grocery store and brought it to the party.


Everyone had a blast and, I think, enjoyed the cakes.

Here is sweet little Amy, blowing out the candles.


Below are the links for the frosting recipes that I used:

Nutella Buttercream

Vanilla Buttercream

Below is a link to Beyond the Grain:

Gluten free cake mix

In loving memory of Amy Hoff. We love you.

12/8/1961 to 10/10/2002


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