Oat Mama Bars + A Baby Update

Oat Mama Bars + A Baby Update

Hey you guys! I miss you! It is hard to blog these days when I am basically feeling like a 24-Hour milk machine here. However, I am not complaining at all. I love every single minute, even the tiring, stressful ones with our baby girl. It continues to amaze me that my body is able to provide all of the nutrition that she needs to grow and be healthy. I feel fortunate that I have had a fairly smooth road with breastfeeding so far. Don’t worry…I am not an over-the-top, preachy about breastfeeding person. I believe everyone has to do what works best for their baby and their family.

One critical part of breastfeeding is nutrition. I think as with all nutrition, it is about balance. I ate fairly healthy while I was pregnant. However, now that Rowan is here and I am breastfeeding her I am so much more motivated to eat healthy. With every food choice I make, I feel like I think about whether or not it is providing ┬áher and I with the nutrients we need both to be healthy. Talk about accountability…I look right at my beautiful baby all day and it truly helps me to not want to put junk into my body. I still have a treat here and there, but overall this baby has helped me clean up my diet.

Just snoozing…she loves to be sprawled out.

Recently I discovered a company on Instagram called Oat Mama. It is a company that makes granola bars and granola with ingredients to promote lactation. I had the opportunity to sample their Chocolate Almond Coconut Lactation Granola Bars and OH MY GOODNESS they are delicious! Chewy oats, almonds, coconut, chocolate, and a hint of salt. The best part…they are made with gluten free ingredients!

Oat Mama Bars 2

These bars are so yummy and super filling. One thing with a newborn is your time is so limited. I often find myself struggling to get enough time to eat. An Oat Mama bar can be eaten easily while I am nursing Rowan or on the go when I am starving but busy caring for her.

Rowan is doing great…growing and becoming more engaging and interactive every day! We are so in love with her. It is amazing how much she seems to grow and change each day. Her and Oliver seem to be bonding well!

Oliver never misses out on floor time…and yes, he is sneaking in a lick.

If you are breastfeeding I highly recommend checking out these bars from Oat Mama! I personally haven’t been struggling with my supply, but they have many testimonials on their website from mamas who swear by these bars and feel they have helped them through some bumps in the road with breastfeeding their babies.

Have a wonderful week! I hope to get some new recipes to you soon!



Disclaimer: I was not compensated by Oat Mama for this post and all photos and opinions are my own. Oat Mama did provide samples of their products to Gluten Free Jess.

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