Mixin’ It Up Gluten Free Bakery

Hey Guys! I am SO excited to tell you about a new bakery that I got to visit this week. But before I get to that I have to tell you it was an amazing weekend because I was off Thursday and Friday from work. Extra snuggles with my baby and lots of time catching up with family. On top of all that, my house is clean, meals are planned for the week, and I am actually getting a few minutes to work on a blog post! Life is good.

In the area where I live gluten free options are super limited. There are gluten free or gluten friendly menu options and grocery stores are growing in the number of gluten free items they carry. However, when it comes to dedicated gluten free restaurants or bakeries…there is nothing in the little town where I live. If you travel to Minneapolis there are a number of choices, but who wants to have to travel for some good, gluten free food? This is why I am so happy that a dedicated gluten free bakery just opened up in the little town of Sauk Rapids, MN. It is right outside of the town I grew up in. The bakery is called Mixin’ It Up. It has a storefront along with a gluten free kitchen that can be rented by small businesses. The owner of the bakery, Jessi Brinkman, has her own gluten free company called Sweet Nature. The Mixin’ It Up storefront is co-op style. Small business owners can bake their gluten free goods in the kitchen and then sell their goods in the storefront.

Mixin' It Up Bakery Sauk Rapids, MN

I think that this is the coolest concept. Not only does this bakery provide more opportunities for small businesses, but it also makes a huge variety of gluten free baked goods readily available in an area where options are limited. This weekend I was able to check out the bakery and try a ton of goodies.

Mixin' It Up Bakery Sauk Rapids, MN

The store carries a ton of gluten free baked goods along with granola, gluten free mixes, and some other local products like fresh eggs. The only thing I am sad about is that this bakery is about 45 minutes away from where I live. I guess I know where I am stopping every time we are home to visit our parents…

Mixin' It Up Bakery Sauk Rapids, MN

Mixin' It Up Bakery Sauk Rapids, MN

If you are in MN or traveling near the St. Cloud area check this place out. It is adorable. The owners are super friendly and helpful. The food is delicious! I am excited to watch this business grow!

Mixin' It Up Bakery Sauk Rapids, MN

Oliver wanted to help me photograph the goodies…sorry, no chocolate for puppies.

Mixin' It Up Bakery Sauk Rapids, MN

Rowan napped while I checked out the bakery.

Have a great week!



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