Original Pancake House – Maple Grove, MN

This isn’t a formal review by any means, but I want to give a shout out the The Original Pancake House in Maple Grove, MN. A couple of weeks ago I ate at OPH for the first time. They offer a huge variety of what they call “gluten friendly” pancake and waffle options. There is a $1.00 charge for this. I did not inquire with my server about the kitchen conditions as far as the gluten free preparation, but I did not seem to experience any cross-contamination issues.

I met Lindsay (Brandon’s brother’s girlfriend) for breakfast. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we were able to sit outside on their patio to enjoy our meals.

I ordered a gluten friendly bacon waffle. It was huge! The bacon inside was crisp and delicious. The waffle did not taste gluten free at all which is always a plus! It was served with maple syrup…maple and bacon…perfect!


Don’t kid yourself…there is no way I could have stopped with the waffle. The menu looked too good! I also had to try their fresh squeezed grapefruit juice…if you love grapefruit and pulp, you are set. SO good!

As if fresh juice and a waffle wasn’t enough, I also had to have the sliced bananas. Okay, not just sliced bananas. They are served with brown sugar and heavy cream. You must try it!


Overall, a great meal to start a day spent with a lovely person!

There are OPH all over the place! Have you ever been there? Thoughts?



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  • We had breakfast at the OPH in Eden Prairie and totally loved the place! I had Eggs Benedict Florentine with a side of potato pancakes. Best EVER! I wish the nearest restaurant wasn’t 5 hours away!

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