Gluten Free Holiday Tips – What Can I Eat?


So you are new to being gluten free and the holidays are here. If you are hosting or asked to bring a dish somewhere, it is the perfect chance to try out some gluten free recipes and make sure that there is something you can eat. If you are heading to visit friends or family, what can you eat and what should you avoid to make sure you don’t eat gluten and wind up feeling sick during the holidays? Here are some tips!


  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Salads (just steer clear of croutons and be careful about the types of dressings)
  • Cooked vegetables (corn, green beans, brussel sprouts, etc.)
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes (watch out for sweet potato bakes with crumb toppings…ask the host if there is flour)
  • Turkey or ham (check the brand with the host of the party so you can check if the meat has any added solutions that contain gluten)
  • Meat and cheese trays…just avoid crackers unless you know they are a GF variety
  • Any yummy goodies that you decide to prepare! This is your chance to show off your cooking skills and let others see how delicious GF foods can be.


  • Gravy (unless it is thickened with corn starch and is homemade – store bought kits and seasonings tend to have flour)
  • Breads and rolls
  • Stuffing/dressing (if it is a cornbread stuffing, check the recipe or brand…some use flour and cornmeal)
  • Green Bean Casserole (the cream soup and french fried onions contain gluten)
  • Cheesy Potatoes (made with cream soups)
  • Desserts…I know this is a sad one. (no pie crusts, cookies, crumbles)

My tips cover┬ásome of the basic categories of things on Thanksgiving. If you are new to being gluten free, this probably seems sad and overwhelming. On the bright side, you won’t overdo it on heavy, unhealthy foods. As I said, this is a great opportunity to try some new recipes. I will be posting some gluten free recipes that are perfect for the holidays. Spend some time on Pinterest, blogs, and searching the internet. There are TONS of wonderful recipes and swaps so that you can enjoy Thanksgiving and avoid getting sick from consuming gluten. Just remember, when in doubt, don’t eat it!

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Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!!


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