2B Whole Gluten Free Bakery

2B Whole Gluten Free Bakery

Hey guys! I am sorry you haven’t heard from me for over a week! Last week was super busy at work and then Brandon and I left bright and early on Saturday morning to head to Seattle for a few days. If I was more prepared, I would have had some recipes scheduled to post for you while I was gone…but things just didn’t work out that way.

Our friends, Mitch and Rita, moved out to Seattle this summer. We decided to make a trip out there before our baby girl arrives. Knowing myself, I have a hunch we won’t be leaving anytime soon once she is here. Neither one of us have been to Seattle so it was fun to explore a new city and catch up with our friends.


Prior to leaving for our trip, I received a package of goodies from 2B Whole Gluten Free Bakery in Alpharetta, Georgia. 2B Whole is a gluten free European-style bakery. They also have lots of paleo baked goods! If you check out the menu on their website, you will see that 2B Whole has a huge variety of gluten free and paleo options…way too many for me to even list! I was able to try their French Baguettes, Paleo Reese Bars, and Samoa Bars. One thing I really liked is that all of the products have a limited ingredient list. It is refreshing to find baked goods that aren’t loaded with a list of tons of artificial ingredients.

French Baguettes

I think the French Baguette was my favorite thing! I cut the baguette into thin slices and placed the slices on a baking sheet. I brushed them with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt and cracked pepper. I baked these at 400 degrees until they started to brown slightly, around 10 minutes. The baguette was tender, chewy, and didn’t taste gluten free at all. The toasted slices were delicious with spinach artichoke dip.



Paleo Reese Bars

The Paleo Reese Bars were delicious! Image a peanut butter cup meets a rich, chewy brownie. To make these paleo, they are made with almond butter instead of peanut butter. I loved that the ingredients were really clean too…just almond butter, cocoa powder, eggs, honey, chocolate chips, baking soda, olive oil, and salt.


Samoa Bars

The Samoa Bars from 2B Whole are very decadent. The crust is light and buttery, while the filling is a rich caramel and chocolate flavor. The coconut gives these bars great texture. Definitely an upgrade from the girl scout cookie version!


If you head to the 2B Whole website, you won’t see an online order option, but don’t worry! You can still get these delicious baked goods shipped right to your door! Just call or email the bakery using their contact info listed on the website and their friendly staff will help you place an order.

Let me know what you think if you try anything out from 2B Whole!



Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by 2B Whole and all images, content, and opinions are my own. I did receive the products as a sample from 2B Whole. I am not compensated for any purchases made through 2B Whole Bakery.

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