I’m Still Here!

I’m Still Here!

Hello Everyone! How are you? I just realized I haven’t posted a new recipe since September 10! The theme of every post lately seems to be about how busy I am. I never could have anticipated how hard it would be to keep up with Gluten Free Jess on top of a full time teaching job and being a new mom. The good news is I love all of it. The school I started at in September is awesome. Being a mom is literally the best thing in the entire world. AND whenever I sneak in the time to blog I am so thankful that each and every one of you take the time to stop by and read what I’m up to or try one of my recipes. So hang in there with me because in October and November I have posts coming up with some of my favorite brands and I can’t wait to share the recipes with you! In the meantime here’s what I have been up to.

Hanging with this little cutie. How is she already 3 months old??


Trying to make sure my sweet Oliver stills gets some snuggles…he’s not thrilled with coming second to someone.img_1634

Spending 2 weekends in a row celebrating marriages of family and friends.


Life is crazy but we are so blessed.

Can’t wait to check back in with you all soon!!




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