Bacon Gouda Chicken Sausage + Summer with Gluten Free Jess

Bacon Gouda Chicken Sausage + Summer with Gluten Free Jess


I am guessing you have been wondering where in the heck I have been? Or maybe not. And that is ok too. If you’re a regular reader you know that I am a teacher and Gluten Free Jess is a fun little endeavor on the side. One would think that in the summer you would actually hear more from me, right? Well, as it turns out being home with a one year old is quite an active adventure and there is truly not much time to develop or photograph recipes. Sad for those of you who need some new ones from me, BUT happy for me because I get to spend so much time with my sweet little girl. That is always priority number one. I still love you guys though so THANK YOU for coming back any old time I am able to get something out to you.

So what exactly have I been up to? Rowan and I spend an excessive amount of time (and money) going out for breakfast at our favorite coffee place. It is something fun to break up the day and she loves cruising around in there. Otherwise our days are filled with reading books, cuddling, snacking (obviously). and playing outside. The water table and blowing bubbles seem to be her favorite things for now. Then there is Oliver. Her buddy and partner in crime. I swear when one of them isn’t getting into trouble the other one is.

Before I move on to what you all actually come here for…THE FOOD and RECIPES…can I just say, how the heck did we get a blond little baby? But those curls, can we take a second to admire those? Ugh…my heart just explodes every time I see her. Except for when she is dumping out the dogs water dish for the 10th time in a day…that might be a different feeling…haha.

So during the summer I used to be amazing at meal prepping and having dinner on the table early because I was home all day. That looks a little different these days because of the aforementioned little tornado I adore so much. I was given the opportunity to try out a new product from Gold’n Plump (which is a MN based company woop woop!) I was excited because it is just the thing for busy weeknights.

Their latest product is 5 varieties of Artisan Chicken Sausage.


  • Spinach + Asiago
  • Hickory Smoked Apple
  • Jalapeno Cheddar
  • Italian Cheese + Peppers
  • Bacon Gouda

Other Benefits (from their website):

  • Made with chicken raised with NO Antibiotics-Ever
  • NO Nitrites, Nitrates or added MSG
  • NO fillers, preservatives or artificial flavors
  • Made with real ingredients
  • Fully cooked and ready to heat
  • American Humane Certified™

I made the Bacon Gouda and followed the package directions for stove top. They got brown and crisp on the outside which I love. We had the sausage with roasted potatoes and asparagus…2 of my favorite dinner sides! The whole meal was easy and came together quickly. The sausage had great flavor and texture. Even Rowan had some and loved it. I always want to be completely honest with you guys so I will say that while I liked these, they aren’t something that are necessarily part of my weekly meal plan. However, I do love to keep something like this in the freezer or pick up when we are in a rush to make dinner. Definitely worth a try! The Gold’n Plump website has lots of great recipe suggestions too!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post. All images and opinions are my own. I was supplied with sample products by Gold’n Plump.



2 thoughts on “Bacon Gouda Chicken Sausage + Summer with Gluten Free Jess”

  • I’m intrigued, must try these! We are always looking for sausages that don’t contain nitrates or msg and it’s rare to find them. These look like interesting flavors as well! Thanks for the heads up! I am always looking for local products as well. And by the way, that angelic little head of hair! Oh my goodness! Soooo sweet!

    • Audrey it is definitely a challenge to watch what is added to our foods! Being a Midwest gal yourself I would think these would be available near you! I have seen them at Coborn’s and Target.

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