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Gluten Free Jess’s Pregnancy Faves

Hello Everyone! This post is a little different than what you are used to seeing on Gluten Free Jess! As I transition into adding mama to one of my roles in life I plan to bring a wider variety of posts to all of you! Of course, gluten free recipes will continue to be my focus, but it is fun to talk about other lifestyle, parenting, and health topics with all of you! To start, I thought I would share some of my favorite things that got me through this pregnancy!
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CSA Week 1 - 4

CSA Week 1

Hello Everyone! I hope your week is going well! Brandon and I are still just waiting for our little girl to get here! She’s running a little behind in terms of due date, but no big deal. It is easy to get stressed about the precise time and date when the rest of our lives are run by the calendar, clock, and schedules. When it comes to babies, I am already learning we have to let go of control and just go with the flow. She will get here when she gets here, and although we are excited,  I am perfectly ok with giving her a little more time.
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Greek Bowl Hak's Dressing 2

Greek-Inspired Bowl + Hak’s Dressing {Gluten Free}

Happy Saturday!! How has your week been going? This was my second week off of work for summer. Besides anxiously anticipating Baby Schlangen, I have been keeping busy cleaning, cooking, walking and spending time outside with Oliver, and catching up with friends before life gets crazy. It is supposed to be super hot outside again this weekend. Not fun when you are way pregnant. The heat has a way of helping you to develop gorgeous cankles and swelling…I will miss this so much after I have the baby…HA!
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Strawberry Rhubarb Oatmeal 5

Strawberry Rhubarb Oatmeal Bake {Gluten Free}

How’s it going? Hard to believe another weekend is already coming to an end! I love summer as a teacher because Sunday doesn’t mark the end of a weekend. Although, there is still lots to do to make sure everything is in order for the week ahead. I almost always grocery shop on Sundays. I like to do that so everything is as fresh as possible for the meals I am planning for the week. I usually spend a good part of the day prepping meals, snacks, and cleaning produce.
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Green Chile Enchiladas 3

6-Ingredient Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas {Gluten Free + Double Batch for the Freezer}

Happy Monday!! It is truly a happy one for me…not to rub it in to you regular job people, but for this teacher I am off for the summer! That means for now I am just cooking, cleaning, and nesting away until this little baby girl decides to arrive. I am 38 weeks today so I know I could have some time left, but I am definitely feeling ready to have this baby. This week is also my 29th birthday. No huge plans…probably a casual dinner with Brandon to celebrate and of course, dinner with my bestie Katie too! I have to say SORRY that you haven’t seen a post from me for a while. The end of the school year was hectic as can be. Hopefully with summer you will see more from me…although there will be new a baby here so I will do my best 🙂
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